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Using Web PM for project creation in a web browser
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 11 February 2015 09:48 AM

Title: Using Web PM for project creation in a web browser


When you log in to memoQWeb, and you have project manager license, you see the Web PM (Project management) home screen. The project dashboard is displayed. Here you can manage your memoQ online projects: assign users, import documents, run statistics, get reports and also create projects (template based). 

In a project template, you configure all resources, users and actions. Project templates allow you to automate workflow steps such as pre-translation and running statistics. This saves you time and extra steps. For instance, you do not need to manually run statistics, pre-translate, assign users after you created a project. memoQ does it for you automatically. 

Read more on project templates here.

Note: You cannot access the Resource Console as you would do in memoQ.

Note: Package based projects can only be managed to some extent. The Packages pane is not available in the Web PM.

Note: In order to use the Web PM, you need to have a project manager license. A PM license is taken from the license pool when you navigate to this tab. A user is considered using a PM license as long as the project management tab is open in the browser. When this page is closed, the license is automatically returned to the license pool. If you open several project management pages, then for each page a PM license is taken from your license pool. However, multiple tabs in the same browser instance use the same license.

Note: In order to use the Web PM tab, you need to be a member of the Project managers or the Administrators group. 

Watch a recorded webinar in getting to know Web PM in clicking here.

The memoQWeb Help is available here.

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