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Subvendor workflow in online projects
Posted by Péter Botta on 11 February 2015 08:54 AM

Title: Subvendor workflow in online projects

Description:    Kilgray has integrated the subvendor workflow to enable the outsourcing of work to vendors. You as LSP/vendor can work against the client’s memoQ server. Project managers of the subvendor server can assign users to documents, and manage the project the usual way.

You as a LSP/vendor become the subvendor on your client’s memoQ server as a subvendor group manager. This is a special user type that allows you to check out a project on the client’s server and assign your own users to the memoQ user roles (subvendor group users) without the client being able to see whom you assign the roles to.

Important: When you create an online project with packages, you cannot use the Subvendor group. You cannot assign a Subvendor group to a package.

Important: You cannot assign an ELM or CAL licenses to a Subvendor group manager or Subvendor group users.

Important: When you assign LT users to your project, you cannot use the Subvendor workflow for these LT users.

For memoQ 2014 R2 (7.5.50 and higher): You can assign a subvendor to all roles (to all workflow steps) or only to a single role. For example, you want your subvendor to do the translation, then you assign the subvendor to the Translator role. Assign the reviewer roles to another subvendor or to a single user.

See also: Subvendor guide, available here.

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