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Known issue: long delays in memoQ when translating in online projects
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 21 July 2014 01:16 PM

Title: Known issue: long delays in memoQ when translating in online projects

Description:   With memoQ 2014 build 7 and before, some users have reported (occasional or intermittent) long delays when when translating in an online project. Some translators had to wait several seconds, sometimes reportedly even up to half a minute before being able to proceed with translating the next segment. The problem is intermittent, not happening all the time.

Affected software:   It affects memoQ 2014 only, build 7 and before. memoQ 2013R2 and earlier versions are not affected.

Symptoms:    Long delays in an online project after translating a segment.

Status:    Kilgray is aware of the problem and is working on the solution. However, this problem is intermittent and difficult to reproduce. Kilgray hasn't found the root cause of it.

Workarounds:   Because Kilgray hasn't been able to identify the root cause, we can suggest workarounds but they are not confirmed to solve the issue.

  • As a translator or reviewer, try using manual synchronization when translating in an online project, as described in the follwing help topic:
    If you do this, you need to synchronize documents manually to make sure your changes are received by the server, as described in the same help topic above.
  • As a project manager responsible for setting up online projects, try setting up the online projects with offline synchronized translation memories and term bases.
  • Try using memoQ 2013 R2 on the translators' side instead of 2014. The two versions are compatible for translation, you can use a 2013 R2 client to translate in a project set up in a memoQ 2014 server.

Helping Kilgray find more information about the issue

As a project manager responisble for a project where the long delays are currently happening, you can do the following to help:

  • If possible, give Kilgray support project manager access to the problem project.
  • Make sure that when translators are experiencing the issue, Kilgray support is notified as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to connect them to a Kilgray support representative direcly on Skype.
  • This way, when the actualy delays are happening, Kilgray can access the project, reproduce the problem and work on the solution.
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