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Multilingual XML filter
Posted by Péter Botta on 03 February 2014 01:08 PM

Title: Multilingual XML filter


Setting up a multilingual translation project and importing all files can become cumbersome when you have to repeat all the file import and setup operation for all your target languages. Importing a multilingual XML file in your project in one go, can be much easier. You can import content to translate into German and leave other target languages in the XML file untouched (getting not imported). Specify content in other languages by individual XPath expressions. The XML needs to be well formed.

·     The Multilingual XML filter is very similar on the basic level to the multilingual Excel/CSV filter.The source file can contain more than one language, and you can define rules using Xpath to import a piece of content as source language text, or any of the target languages, or comment etc.

·      Xpath is very felxible, you can define much more complex conditions, compared to the original XML filter. See the memoQ Help for the import rules:

      You need to edit the rules manually. The result of the Xpath rules is reflected as preview.

      Set up your project with several target languages. In the Translations pane of Project home, click Import with options... below the document list, and in the Open dialog, locate and select a multilingual XML file. Then, click the Change filter and configuration command link. You can also get to this dialog if you go to the Filter configurations pane in the Resource console, select a multilingual XML filter, and click the Edit link below the list.

      You need to assign each language code in the XML file to a target language in your project. If the XML contains languages which are not in your project, then these languages are not imported.

·      Current limitations of the filter

       The original file must contain all the languages. You can’t have a source file that only contains English:

<content_en>Translate this</content_en>

… and import it as multilingual file, and export the target language element which was not present in the original:

<content_en>Translate this</content_en>


·    The multilingual XML filter can not handle monolingual files, It can not do of what the original XML filter can do: import and export to the same location.

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