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Using QTerm term base in online project
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 19 November 2013 07:14 AM

Title: Using QTerm term base in online project


When you have a license for QTerm, you can create browser-based term bases. You can customize the entry structure of a QTerm term base, grant permissions, create filters, etc. QTerm term bases have the following icon in memoQ: 

How to use a QTerm term base in an online project:   

  1. Create an online project. Import your documents, 
  2. Attach your resources such as translation memories. Go also to the Term bases pane. QTerm term bases are indicated with a black dot in a cloud (). Check the check box next to your QTerm term base. 
  3. When you have created several filters for your QTerm term base, you can select a filter for it when you attach your QTerm term base to your project. The default filter is the unfiltered view of the QTerm term base, i.e. all data is taken from the term base and available in the memoQ online project.
  4. Or choose a custom filter to limit the visibility of your QTerm term base. This way, you can only provide a certain subject or domain or language combination for the users assigned to your project
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