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what are convenience resources and how to manage them
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 23 July 2013 01:30 PM

Title: what are convenience resources and how to manage them

Description:   Convenience resources are resources that Kilgray ships with memoQ. These include auto-translatable rules, LQA resources, filter configurations (for translation document import), stop word lists, and Web Search configurations. Convenience resources are not the same as "installed" default resources, because defaults are read-only, while convenience resources can be edited by the user. For example, memoQ installs auto-translatable rules resources called Numbers-EnglishGroup, etc. to convert numbers formats during translation. The user can modify these resources, but at the same time can reset them to the latest official "Kilgray version", by deleting their own version of the resource and restarting memoQ. This can be useful if Kilgray makes a fix or modification to a convenience resource. At the same time, a user who has modified a convenience resource can keep her own version if she chooses so. You can think of such a resource as something like a book you can make notes into, or even tear pages out of it: but if you want to, you can always have the original version back. Or, rather, the latest edition.


When memoQ is installed, the latest versions of all convenience resource files are placed into this folder:

At this point, these resources are not directly installed as actual memoQ resources for the user if the user already has a previous version of the same resource registered. (Shown in the resource console.) So if the user has modified a previously installed convenience resource to create her own custom version, the modifications are never lost by the next install or automatic update.

memoQ also checks for "updates" of convenience resources. Each time memoQ is started, it checks the above folder, and if it contains any resource that is not yet registered in memoQ, it installs (registers) it as a proper memoQ resource that is listed the resource console. It is then a normal resource as any other, it can be modified by the user.

If the user wants the current "Kilgray" version of the same resource, she must delete the resource in question from the resource console, and restart memoQ. Then memoQ will again copy the resource from the Convenience folder.

The goals are the following:
  • Give a useful resource to the user.
  • But let the user modify it if she wants to.
  • But also let Kilgray update it, and provide the "official" update (current official version) to users who want it.
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