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How memoQ server sends e-mails when documents are assigned or re-assigned
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 06 June 2013 02:29 PM

This article describes e-mail notification behavior that was changed in memoQ server 2013.

memoQ server can send e-mail notifications when a document is assigned or re-assigned to a translator or a reviewer in an online project. In versions prior to memoQ 2013, memoQ server sent out a separate e-mail for every document and every change in document status or document assignment. This resulted in a flood of e-mails.

Change in memoQ 2013: memoQ server sends e-mail notifications in batches. If several documents are assigned/reassigned or have their status otherwise changed, memoQ server groups together the messages of the same type, and sends one e-mail for a batch of documents instead of sending a separate e-mail for each document, thus limiting the number of e-mails sent out when document statuses change.

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