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Web search: setting up ProZ search for your language pair
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 06 June 2013 02:22 PM

Title: Web search: setting up ProZ search for your language pair

Description:   This article shows how to find out what language codes ProZ search uses, and how to enter that in memoQ Web search. It may also give a pointer to deal with search services that use POST, in general.

How to:   

The ProZ term search uses POST to submit search data. To understand POST vs GET, read this:

The use of POST means that after the search, the browser's address bar doesn't show you any of the search parameters, particularly the language codes.

To find out the code for your language:
  1. Install the Firebug extension in the latest Firefox browser.
  2. Go to the ProZ search page:
  3. Select your language pair, type a search phrase. Do not submit your search yet.
  4. Start Firebug (F12). Click the Net tab of Firebug, and in the tab bar below that, click HTML.
  5. Submit your search to ProZ.
  6. In Firebug, you'll see a new node with the caption "POST /search". Expand that node by clicking the + icon next to it. Click the POST tab.
  7. You now see the parameters of the search. Among these are the source and target language codes. The source language code is the value of the "from" parameter. The target code is the value of "to".

To set up WebSearch for ProZ for your language pair in memoQ:

  1. In memoQ 2013 or up, click Tools > Options > Default resources. Click the Web search icon at the top.
  2. Select the "Web search settings - EN" resource. (These are bundled with memoQ for searches from English. You could clone this resource and modify this for your language. We are using it hewre because it contains a working setup for ProZ searches.)
  3. Scroll to this provider: " term search [Add target language]". "Add target language" here means that the code for the target language is not filled, and you need to supply it yourself.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the provider settings. These are the seetings for ProZ. If you want the same for another language pair, you'll need the same settings, except for the language code.
  5. Under "Send POST data", you see the POST request memoQ sends. It begins with "term={}&from=eng&to=&float=..."
  6. To set up your target language, fill your target language code after "to=", for example for Enlgish to Polish: "term={}&from=eng&to=pol&float=..."
  7. Set up a new memoQ project, and you can use Web search with your language pair.

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