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Deleting of LQA errors
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 05 June 2013 01:27 PM

Title: Circumstances of when you can delete LQA errors

Description:   LQA is the Linguistic Quality Assurance in memoQ. You can find more information in the memoQ help ( as well as in the LQA guide, available in the Resource Center.

When you work in an online project:

  • assigned in a reviewer role, and an LQA model attached to this project, you can invoke the LQA dialog in pressing Shift+Enter, or in clicking the Reject icon in the toolbar of the translation editor. You can indicate the type of error (e.g. consistency), a possible subcategory (e.g. omission) and a severity level. After you entered the error, you can also enter a comment and make a correction. Then click Save. The LQA error is shown in the View pane > Review. When you are done reviewing, you can either deliver or return the document to the translator to fix the errors.
  • assigned as the translator, and an LQA model attached to this project, and the reviewer passed the document back to you after performing an LQA: In the View pane > Review, you see the LQA errors for a segment. You can also filter for Rejected segments. To do so, click the funnel icon, and on the second tab, check the Rejected check box to filter your document for rejected segments. In the View pane > Review, you can comment on errors, and correct them. However, you cannot delete an LQA error that the reviewer entered.

When you work in a local project: 

In a local project, you can perform an LQA. You can perform the tasks for a reviewer and a translator. The difference to the online project is, that you as the translator can delete an LQA error in the View pane > Review (in clicking the bin icon next to the LQA error).

Note: When you export a document as memoQ XLIFF from an online or local project, the LQA model of the project is included. When a translator imports this file into his local project, he can delete LQA errors.

Note: When you confirm a segment after correcting the LQA error, the segment status goes from Rejected to Confirmed.

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