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Editing an inline tag
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 27 May 2013 11:30 AM

Title: Editing an inline tag

Description:   It may happen that you are requested to edit an inline tag. A scenario would be to edit the inline tag which contains a website link to an English page, but you are requested to edit the link to point to the German page of this website.

How to:   

1. Open your translation project in memoQ.

2. Go to the segment which has the inline tag you need to edit. Most likely, you copied the source tags to the target segment. Mark the tag in the target segment which you need to edit.

3. Click the Edit inline tag icon in the toolbar (in memoQ 2014 R2 and higher: on the Edit ribbon tab, go to Tag Commands > Edit Inline Tag). The Inline tag dialog appears:

4. memoQ automatically selects the tag type. From the example on the screenshot, it is the href tag. Edit the tag. On the screenshot, the extension "de" was added. Then click the Save button to save the edited tag. Click OK. The tag is now changed and points to the German website instead of the English.

Note: The QA check returns a warning for this segment that you changed the tag. If instead of a warning an error is indicated, you cannot edit this tag. It will cause the document to not export or to export with errors.

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