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Fuzzy matching in term bases
Posted by Péter Botta on 21 May 2013 09:00 AM

Title: Fuzzy matching in term bases

Description:   In memoQ 2013, the fuzzy term lookup is introduced. You do not need to migrate your term bases from memoQ 6.2.

When you create a new term base in memoQ 2013, you have a new option in your term base defaults: Fuzzy. Fuzzy means to get hits independently of prefix or suffix matching. In case of German, for instance, you have "Mutter" in your term base. With the Fuzzy setting, it also finds "Mütter". German has a lot of composita like "Festplattenspeicherplatz". When your term base contains "Festplatte" and "speicher", it will be highlighted in the source cell containing the word "Festplattenspeicherplatz".

The internal threshold for finding fuzzy matches is 80% similarity; if below, you do not get a fuzzy match. For example in German: Erfüllungsaufwand is singular, the fuzzy matching also finds Erfüllungsaufwände which is plural, but it does not find Erfüllungsaufwendungen. 

You also get hits in the translation grid for terms which may have a typo in the term base. For instance, you have entered the term “Stuhl” in your term base, but this is a typo, you actually meant to enter the term “Stahl”. With the Fuzzy matching setting in your term base, you will get a term base hit in the translation grid, although the term has a typo.

How to:   

  1. Go to the Resource Console > Term bases. Click the Create new link. Enter a name for your term base.
  2. Click the New term defaults link. Choose the matching for your languages. If you want to have the Fuzzy matching for a language, choose Fuzzy from the Matching drop-down list.
  3. Click OK to create the new term base. All new entries for this term base have the Fuzzy matching for the language you indicated it for.
  4. When you import a CSV file from memoQ 6.2 or earlier, the prefix matching is set to 50% prefix in memoQ 2013.
  5. Matching:
memoQ 6.2 and earlier
memoQ 2013
 50% minimum
 50% prefix

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