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Compatibility between memoQ 2013 and memoQ 6.2
Posted by Péter Botta on 21 May 2013 08:00 AM

memoQ 2013 installs next to memoQ 6.2, so that both versions are available on the computer, with the following limitations:

  1. memoQ 2013 and memoQ 6.2 cannot run at the same time.
  2. memoQ 2013 can open projects that were created in memoQ 6.2, but the projects are converted. After you open a project in memoQ 2013, you will not be able to open it again in memoQ 6.2.
  3. memoQ 2013 adds new information to documents. These include new types of comments and linguistic quality assurance (LQA) information. Still, you can export import XLIFF (.mqxlz) documents from memoQ 2013, and import them in memoQ 6.2 -- but memoQ will not preserve or display this information. If you export the document again from memoQ 6.2, and import it in memoQ 2013: the extra information will not be there.
  4. memoQ 2013 can use resources from memoQ 6.2, and the resources are not migrated. This means that all resources (translation memories, LiveDocs corpora, term bases, Muses, and others) remain available in memoQ 6.2, even after you use them in memoQ 2013.
  5. However, term bases will behave differently because memoQ 2013 introduces fuzzy matching in term base lookups:
    a) If a term base was created in memoQ 6.2, and it has one or more entries (terms) that have the ’Prefix matching’=’yes’ setting, they will be displayed as though fuzzy matching is enabled, but fuzzy matching will not work.
    b) However, once you use memoQ 2013 to add a term or change a term to fuzzy matching in this term base, the term base will start offering fuzzy matches (in memoQ 2013 only).
  6. You cannot connect to a memoQ 2013 server from memoQ 6.2, and you cannot connect to a memoQ 6.2 server from memoQ 2013. The version of the client and the server must be the same.
  7. In memoQ 2013, you cannot restore a backup package that was created in memoQ 6.2. You need to restore the package in version 6.2 first, and then open the project in memoQ 2013 to convert it.

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