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x-translate and pre-translate
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 05 April 2013 08:41 AM

Title: x-translate and pre-translate


X-translate allows you to apply the translations from a previous major version of the same document to a new major version of the document. If your customer sends an update, and you are only half-way through the translation, you can apply the translated segments to the new document without having to go through the translation memory. Another scenario could  be a new revision of an already finished translation.

X-translate also helps in a content connected project. When you x-translate the documents, you can keep the segment status as is in the document (see memoQ Help here).

Pre-translate enables you to translate or partially translate segments using the active translation memories or LiveDocs corpora of your project. Whenever a translation for a specific source segment is available in the translation memory or corpus, it is used to fill in the related target segment. This way all good matches are inserted at once, which saves time for the translators as they need to check the translation results pane less frequently. It also gives them some high-quality raw material to work on instead of letting them start from scratch. You can also use the Automatic Lookup and insertion function (available in the Translation Settings on the Translation ribbon tab).

Further reading:

Quick Start Guide for Project Managers (available here): Read chapter 3.1.5 X-translation

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