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AutoCorrect lists in memoQ
Posted by Péter Botta on 20 March 2013 12:41 PM

Title: Using AutoCorrect lists in memoQ


AutoCorrect lists allow text replacement on the fly, and make typing of long expressions faster. Once you prepared a list containing the abbreviations you want to replace, and the expressions that should replace them, memoQ makes the necessary changes automatically. For example, you may want to define that memoQ should replace "FYI" with the expression "For your information", or JB with the name John Brown, it is all done as soon as you enter these letters. This feature can save a lot of time for the translator.
AutoCorrect lists are available in the Resource console, or in the Translation menu.

How to:   

1. From the Translation menu, choose AutoCorrect. The AutoCorrect settings dialog appears:

Select the AutoCorrect lists that you wish to use for your project. Check the check boxes for the lists you wish to use.

2. In the Smart quotes section, you can replace "straight" quotes with smart ῝quotes῞. Check this check box if you want straight quotation marks - the ones you can type by pressing the " button on your keyboard - to be replaced automatically with more arched quotation marks in order to follow typographic conventions.

3. In the AutoCorrect section, you can select a list (or several) of the available AutoCorrect lists for use in your current translation document. You can also click the New list link to create a new AutoCorrect list.

4. Enter a word in the Replace field that you would like to replace. Enter in the With field the word that you wish to replace it with. Then click Add to add this auto correction to the AutoCorrect list.

Example: Enter Enwicklung in the Replace field, and Entwicklung in the With field. memoQ will then replace the Enwicklung with Entwicklung when you type in the translation grid of your current document.

5. Select an auto correction, click the Delete button: this command removes the selected item from the AutoCorrect rules. Click the Replace button to replace the selected item with a new one you have already typed into the Replace or With field.

6. After you finished configuring your AutoCorrect lists, click Close to close the dialog window.

When you are now typing in the translation editor of your currently open document, memoQ will correct the words according to your AutoCorrect lists for this project.

Note: You can also add text modules to an AutoCorrect list.

For example: Enter BR in the Replace field and Best Regards in the With field. This allows you to speed up your translation process since memoQ will automatically correct your typos and replace texts, similar to MS Word.

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