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Importing a Transit glossary into memoQ
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 08 March 2013 11:59 AM

Title: Importing a glossary from a Transit package into memoQ

Description:   when you import a Transit package (in the Help, you find info on Transit package import options:, you cannot import the terminology from the Transit package. It is currently not supported.

How to:   

Here is a workaround suggestion to import terms from a Transit package into memoQ in using an external tool:

1. The Transit package is a ZIP, unzip it. Right-click and choose your usual ZIP program.
2. Search for the TXE files in the package. They might be in subfolder with long number and characters in the folder names.
3. There is a tool Apsic Xbench, you can download it from here:

Note: Please check for the free version to download.

4. In Apsic Xbench, go to Project > New. Click the Add button. Choose TBX/Martif Glossary from the options.Click Next. The Add glossary dialog opens. Go to the folder where you have the TXE file. You need to select in the Add Glossary dialog All files to see the TXE file. Select it, click Open. Click Next. Leave the default settings. Click Next. In the tab to select the source and target, choose your source and target language. Click OK. then Click OK again. The glossary is now imported.
5. Go to Tools > Export items. Choose All items in project. In the Output section, choose Tabbed Text File. Specify a file name and location. Click OK. The glossary is now exported as TXT file.

6. Now go to memoQ, open your project with the imported Transit project. In Project home > Term bases, create a new term base: Click the Create/use new link. Then assign it to the project. Now, click Import CSV/TMX. Navigate to your TXT file that you exported from Apsic Xbench. The Term base import dialog appears. Click OK if you get a message that it is not Unicode. You may need to change the encoding if you see e.g. umlauts not properly displayed in the preview. Now you need to decide what to import from the TXT file. In the preview, you see the columns like F0, F1, etc. You must import the columns that contain the source and target terms. See also
Choose Import as term and choose the language in the drop-down list for source and target language. Then click OK. memoQ will now import all the terms from the TXT into your term base and you can use them in your memoQ project.

Note: When you export your Transit package, this term base is not included. This is a workaround to use a Transit glossary in memoQ.

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