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Uploading and sharing of memoQ light resources
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 18 February 2013 10:02 AM

Title: Uploading and sharing of memoQ light resources

Description: Language Terminal enables you to upload light resources and to share them with others. Light resources are segmentation rules, QA settings, non-translatables, auto-translatables, filter configurations, TM match settings, stop word lists and auto-correct lists.

To upload and share the light resources in Language Terminal, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Language Terminal, and navigate to the Resources section:

2. In the Viewing your own resources, you see a list of your own resources. Click the ADD NEW button to upload a new resource which you want to share. On the Add new resource page, browse to the MQRES file which you want to upload, then click the UPLOAD button.

IMPORTANT: The MQRES file format is memoQ's resource exchange format. You can export a resource from memoQ: Open memoQ, go to the Resource Console, and choose the resource category (e.g. filter configurations). Select the filter you wish to export, and click the Export link. The resource is now being exported as *.mqres file, which you can upload and share in Language Terminal.

3. After the MQRES file is selected, you can decide whether to share the resource with other Language Terminal users or not:

Note: If you do not check the Share the resource (recommended) check box, the resource is not being shared with others.

4. Click the ADD RESOURCE button to upload the resource to Language Terminal. The resource is now listed in the Resources section:

In the Viewing your own resources, you see a list of all resources, the type of resource (filter configuration, stopwords), and if they are private resources or shared ones.

If you share a resource, you can click the Stop sharing link to stop the sharing and make the resource a private one. Click Send link to send the link for a shared resource to someone else. Click the Remove link to remove a resource from Language Terminal. 

Note: You can apply a filter for a light resource type. Click the Select arrow for Filter for type. From the drop-down list, choose the light resource type you want to filter for in the Viewing your own resources view. 

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