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Restoring projects from Language Terminal
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 18 February 2013 09:04 AM

Title: Restoring projects from Language Terminal

Description: You can restore your projects using the Dashboard or the Manage projects dialog in memoQ.

To restore a project from Language Terminal, follow these steps:

  1. Start memoQ.
  2. Important: Make sure that you back up and restore your projects in the same version of memoQ. If you plan to upgrade your memoQ desktop application, first install the original version, then restore your projects. After this, you can upgrade your memoQ desktop application to the newest version. When you start the newest version for the first time, it will convert all resources that were restored. When you open the restored projects for the first time, memoQ will upgrade the projects too. Build number differences do not matter: if you create the backup copy in memoQ version 6.2.8, you can restore the backup in 6.2.11, for example.
  3. In the Dashboard, below the list of projects, click the Restore from backup file command link. The memoQ restore from backup wizard starts:
  4. Choose the My backup is in my Language Terminal profile option. Make sure that you are signed in to Language Terminal. Click Next.
  5. Select the package to restore, click Next. You can also click the View project backups in browser link to see all backed up projects in your Language Terminal profile.
  6. memoQ is now downloading the backed up project from Language Terminal.
  7. At the top half of this screen, you can select where the restored projects will be created. At the bottom half of the screen, you can select what projects you want to restore from the package. (If the package contains multiple projects, you do not have to restore all of them.)

Note: If you already have a copy of the project on your computer, you can choose to update it. To do this, click the Add link next to the  name of the project. The link will change to Update. In this case, memoQ does not create a new project. Instead, it replaces the existing project with the new contents.

Important: If you update a project from the backup package, all changes made since the backup will be lost. memoQ also overwrites all existing translation memories, term bases, or LiveDocs corpora attached to the project.

After you make your choices on this wizard page, click Next. Click Finish. memoQ restores the selected projects from the MQBKF file.

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