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E-mail notifications from memoQ server
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 12 February 2013 03:13 PM

Title: E-mail notifications

Description: E-mail notifications allow the memoQ server to send out e-mails triggered by specific actions in the application. Thus translators, reviewers and project managers can always be up-to-date about their tasks, and don't have to monitor memoQ continuously. They get an e-mail whenever they have a task to do, or information that is relevant.

Before you can set up the e-mail notifications, you need to configure the e-mail setup itself:

  • In memoQ, go to Tools > Server administrator >  Configuration and logging
  • Navigate to the E-mail settings tab, and enter your settings:
  • If you do not know the details to connect to the SMTP server, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).
  • If you know your settings (they are most likely the same as for your e-mail settings in your e-mail client):
    • Server URL text box: Type the IP address or domain name of the SMTP server here.
    • Authentication check box: Check this if the SMTP server requires authentication to send e-mails. If this check box is checked, you need to fill in the User name and Password text boxes too.
    • Port text box: Type the TCP port where the SMTP server is listening. If the e-mail traffic is not encrypted, the standard port number is 25. In case of encrypted traffic, the port number is 465.
    • SSL check box: Check this if the SMTP server requires encrypted connections to send e-mails. When you check this check box, memoQ will automatically change the port number in the Port box to 465.
    • Send test e-mail to text box: Type an e-mail address where the memoQ server should send a test e-mail so that you can check if e-mail sending is operational. Click the Send test mail link to actually send a test e-mail.
  • Click OK to apply your settings. You can now use the e-mail notification feature in online projects.

How to set up e-mail notifications in an online project:

1. Open an online project for management in the memoQ online project window. Select the Settings pane, and then the Communications tab. You can set up a variety of e-mail notifications by enabling the check boxes:

You as a project manager can choose when to get notified in the General section: when a document status changes and/or a project status changes.

2. Check the check boxes in the Notification chain section when you want to inform the project participants on an action. If you check the Keep project managers on CC check box, you get a notification on everything, this may lead to a high amount of e-mails (depending on the kind of project you are running).

Note: The e-mail notification texts are not customizable. The e-mails texts are sent out in the language you are running your memoQ server (see also the Knowledge Base article on Changing the language of the e-mail notifications).

3. memoQ also sends e-mail notifications on the following workflow actions, both to the translators/reviewers involved and the project managers:

Document assignment-related notifications:

  • New document assigned to translator/reviewer
  • Document deadline changed
  • Document was taken away from translator/reviewer
  • Workflow status changed manually by the project manager

Project progress-related notifications:

  • New project for translator/reviewer
  • Review done (notification to translator)
  • Review can start
  • Document was returned to previous actor

FirstAccept workflow-related notifications:

  • FirstAccept project was distributed
  • Document was assigned to user for FirstAccept
  • Document removed from user for FirstAccept
  • Document taken by user for FirstAccept
  • Document taken by some other user for FirstAccept
  • All users refused taking the document for FirstAccept
  • FirstAccept deadline expired, users should take the document or decline
  • FirstAccept assignment cancelled

GroupSourcing workflow-related notifications:

  • GroupSourcing project was distributed
  • Document was assigned to user for GroupSourcing
  • Document was removed from user for GroupSourcing
  • GroupSourcing user delivered a document (i.e. clicked on the Deliver button - this does not necessarily mean the document is fully translated)
  • All GroupSourcing users delivered (this does not necessarily mean the document is fully translated)
  • Document was returned to previous actor in GroupSourcing

Content connected projects workflow-related notifications (only available if you use the content connector module):

  • Content update in content connected project
  • Auto-assignment failure in content connected project
  • Source connection deleted in content connected project
  • Unfinished documents were not reimported in content connected project
  • Documents were reimported in content connected project
  • Content connection error

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