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My documents are not synchronized but the translations are in the TM
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 29 January 2013 03:36 PM

Title: My documents are not synchronized but the translations are in the TM

Context: You are working on an online project, with online TMs. You work from your home office in the evening, and next day in the office, when you try to synchronize your documents, you discover that your work from last evening isn't synchronized on the server - but the new translations can be found in the TM.

Description: If you were working with a fully online TM, your changes were immediately synchronized as you were confirming every line, thus yesterday's new translations can be found in the TM on the server.

If you were not synchronizing your project manually while working, it should have been synchronized when you quit memoQ. There might have been several reasons why the document wasn't synchronized: for example, if you quite memoQ and immediately switched off your laptop, memoQ might not have finished synchronizing. In this case memoQ should have held up the shutdown of Windows, but you may have forced the shutdown thinking that synchronization had already finished. If you closed the project from memoQ, memoQ should have asked you whether you wanted to synchronize - if you said no, it didn't. Another possibility is not closing either the project or memoQ, just closing the laptop's lid. In this case, the laptop will go to sleep mode, memoQ will be left running, and no synchronization will happen. The above cases will not display an error message.

If memoQ started synchronization and failed, you should have received a failure message (this is also true for failures due to network problems).


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