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Moving memoQ projects to another computer
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 28 January 2013 09:17 AM

Title: Moving memoQ local projects to another computer


When you purchased a new computer, you install memoQ on the new computer, and you may want to move your memoQ projects to the new computer.

Note: This article explains how to move memoQ project folders to a new computer for the same memoQ version, e.g. moving memoQ 5.0 projects to memoQ 5.0 or memoQ 6.2 on the old computer  to memoQ 6.2 on the new computer.

Moving project folders


1. On your old computer, navigate to the My MemoQ Projects folder. Under XP; it is by default in Documents and Settings, under Windows 7, you find the folder under C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\My MemoQ Projects. This folder contains all of your memoQ projects in subfolders. If you want to move all projects, zip the My MemoQ Projects folder. If you only want to move one project, open the My MemoQ Projects folder and zip the project folder you want to move.

2. Copy the zipped folder on to your new computer, unzip the folder.

3. Open memoQ on your new computer, go to Project > Open project. Navigate to the unzipped project folder. Select a project, open the folder of this project.

   For memoQ 5.0, double click the *.mpr file.

   For memoQ 6.2, double click the *.mprx file

memoQ opens the project on your new computer. If you copied the entire My MemoQ Projects folder, you need to open every project in this folder separately in memoQ on your new computer.

You can also use the memoQ backup option to move a project.


1. On your old computer, open memoQ. Choose a project from the Dashboard. Click the Backup selected link.

2. In the Backup selected project dialog, specify the backup location (either locally on your computer or on Language Terminal, see the memoQ Help for further information on both option).

3. Backup the project. A *.mqbkf file is generated. 

4. If you have saved the file locally, navigate to this file and copy it over to your new computer.

5. On your new computer, open memoQ. In the Dashboard, click the Restore from Backup link.

6. In the memoQ restore from backup wizard, navigate to your *.mqbkf file and follow the backup wizard.

See also the article on moving local resources to another computer.

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