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How to configure the timeout values for memoQ (the client) when it reports timeouts
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 28 January 2013 07:52 AM

This is a troubleshooting article. Please make sure you read it through before making changes to your system.

! Please note that the below solution is only working up to version 6.2!

Symptom: memoQ reports a timeout error (or simply freezes) when you try to work with an online project or online resources (translation memories, term bases, corpora)

Solution: If you are working with a memoQ server that is far from you, your network connection might be prone to excessive delays. memoQ usually waits till the response arrives from the server, but it stops waiting after a period of 5-45 seconds (depending on the operation).

You can make memoQ tolerate larger delays on the network. In the C:\Program Files\memoQ60 (or memoQ62) folder (on 64-bit systems, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\memoQ60 or memoQ62), find the file called MemoQ.exe.config. If you are running Vista or Windows 7, open Explorer as an administrator (right-click the icon, and choose Run as administrator, and then confirm the User account control warning if it appears), and then start finding this file. Then open memoQ.exe.config for editing, and increase the numbers in these lines (the numbers below are the default values):

 <add key="Remoting.ShortTimeoutSec" value="5"/>

<add key="Remoting.TimeoutSec" value="15"/>

<add key="Remoting.LongTimeoutSec" value="45"/>

You can safely use values like 30, 90, and 300, respectively (these are the number of seconds memoQ must wait before reporting a timeout). If you are experiencing timeouts when checking out projects or synchronizing documents, make sure you increase the last value. After changing the numbers, save the file, and start memoQ again.

 As a result, you might need to wait more for memoQ, but these operations will complete.

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