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memoQ user roles
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 24 January 2013 12:35 PM

Title: memoQ user roles


In memoQ, a project manager can assign a user to a document in three roles:

  • Translator: the person who will translate the document.
  • Reviewer 1: the person who will review the document and give feedback to the translator. The translator has the final word.
  • Reviewer 2: the person who will review and make changes to the document. The translator cannot make changes anymore.

memoQ defines two reviewing phases to allow for flexibility in workflow and assignments. One possible scenario is to use the Reviewer 1 role for peer review (translators checking each other's work), and the Reviewer 2 role for a "master reviewer" to give final approval to the documents.

Depending on your role in a memoQ project, you have different rights, for example: You are assigned as Reviewer 1 and you open the documents which are still assigned to the user role Translator, memoQ will display a message that you are opening the documents not in the right role. When you now edit segments while the document is still for translation, and the translator also changes this segment you made changes to, your changes are lost. Please make sure that you only make changes to the document when you open them in the role you are assigned to.

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