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How to finish your server installation process
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 20 January 2013 07:25 PM

Title: How to finish your server installation process


Kilgray's support team sends you a PDF document that asks questions. If we receive the answers to the questions, we can finish your server installation process. However, at times we do not receive answers to all question like SMTP account configuration, final host name, etc. This document explains what to do once Kilgray installed the software on your server.


After hearing about successful server installation, please perform the following steps:

  • Log in to your server computer via remote desktop connection, and start the memoQ client there. Open Tools > Server Administrator, click Connect (if the server does not connect, enter localhost and use admin for username and pwadmin for password) and go to the Configuration and Logging pane. Check the Client connect address. If the client connect address is not a fully qualified domain name like, but an internal computer name or an IP address, you should change this. The memoQ server runs with internal computer names, however, then the server will not be available for any external connections. Please note that the server's address may not differ for external and internal co-workers, it is not possible to call the server externally and memoqserver1 internally. Therefore we always recommend that you use a fully qualified domain name. memoQ servers can also use an IP address, however, if the IP address changes for any reason, you should count with many hours of downtime, because memoQ stores the client connect address with individual resources like translation memories, etc. Therefore you will need to re-register every resource you have manually if your IP changes. If you don't have a fully qualified domain name, please contact your system administrator or network provider and get one. It is usually free of charge. If you need to change the client connect address, enable Override client connect address and enter the address. After this click Save and close the dialog, and also close the memoQ client.
  • Enter services.msc into a Windows command prompt and restart the memoQ server service.
  • Start memoQ again, and under Tools > Server Administrator > Configuration and Logging navigate to the E-mail Settings tab. Configure your SMTP connection here and try the configuration by clicking Send test mail. If you received the email message, you've configured the SMTP connection correctly. Click Save.
  • If you have QTerm, navigate to the QTerm tab and configure the QTerm web address. This is the URL of QTerm, normally something like . Click Save.
  • Go to the ELM Licenses pane and select the Settings tab. Enter the email address of the person who should get a notification if there is any trouble with licenses, and enable the first three check boxes. Click Update credential. Important: Only click Update credential if you have entered the final client connect address. Changing this requires the help of Kilgray and can be troublesome.

If you want to use Single sign-on (Active Directory) in your organization, you can configure that on the Single sign-on pane.

After configuring the above details, you are ready to use your memoQ server. Now test the connection externally. Create a user under Tools > Server Administrator > User management by clicking Add, then go back to the ELM Licenses pane. On the Licenses tab, from the Product drop-down list select memoQ (project manager), click Assign and select the user you just created. Now on a different computer install memoQ translator pro in a trial version, and go to Help / Activation Wizard. Click Next, then click I wish to update my ELM licenses from a memoQ server, and Next again. Then enter the server authentication details, and you should get a project manager license. If this is successful, external access works well. For more information please refer to

You need a login to get access to the above document, however, you can register for free on the website.

If you are using ELM (mobile) licenses, it is important that you install trial versions on all PCs. Do not use the serial you got for the server on other computers! Just install trial versions and get trial serials, as you will be able to give these computers mobile licenses.

Please make sure that all the settings above are configured by the time you have your kick-off meeting, otherwise finishing the configuration may take valuable minutes from the training.

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