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Adjusting fuzzy matches
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 14 January 2013 09:01 PM

Title: Adjusting fuzzy matches

Context: While you are translating, TM matches in the target appear to be changed from the original in the Translation results pane.


memoQ tries to be clever and may change certain numbers, tags, punctuation or cases (uppercase to lowercase and vice versa) in the TM result retrieved, according to what is in the source. This never happens for 101% or 100% matches, only for fuzzy matches. This functionality is called fuzzy match adjustment. While this is useful in most cases, in certain cases you may want to switch this off. You can do so by disabling the Adjust fuzzy hits and inline tags option in the Edit TM Settings dialog box. TM settings are a light resource, which means that you can change them either in the project only, by going to Project home > Settings > TM Settings, and editing a TM Settings resource (please note that you need to clone it first, as you cannot edit the default, and select the cloned resource to be included in the project), or you can also change the default by opening Tools > Options > Default resources > TM Settings, and selecting the resource that you edited as default for the future. Please note that changing the default does not change the TM settings for existing resources.

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