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The translation memory is open for exclusive use.
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 07 January 2013 05:09 PM

Title: The translation memory (TM) is open for exclusive use.


You are trying to use a server-based translation memory (TM) in your project, but you get an error message about the translation memory or term base being open for exclusive use. This applies not only to translation memories but also to term bases and corpora.


In the memoQ server, translation memories, term bases and corpora do not support parallel usage. If someone has opened the resource for editing, pre-translating or creating an analysis (statistics), other users will not be able to write into the resource until the previous operation is finished. Read access will remain available, so results will appear, but when trying to confirm a segment, users get the message above. This is to prevent data inconsistency, and while this is by design, it is planned to change in an upcoming version.

The TM exclusivity was removed with memoQ 2013 R2.

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