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Files don't import or export at all, multiple versions of memoQ are installed
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 05 January 2013 07:12 PM

Title: Files don't import or export at all, multiple versions of memoQ are installed

Context: You have at least two versions of memoQ, e.g. memoQ 5.0 and 6.0, or memoQ 6.0 and memoQ 6.2, installed. You have noticed that since you installed the upgrade, you cannot import or export files because of an error message.

Description: In quite a few cases, we have noticed that multiple memoQ installations may cause memoQ to malfunction. This is an installer error, files of different version get confused. You get an exception that says MESSAGE: Builtin config missing for PPTX filter, or Builtin config missing for XLSX filter, or Builtin config missing for DOCX filter like below.

------------------ Inner exception ------------------


Builtin config missing for PPTX filter


  at MemoQ.DocConverters.PPTX.PPTXConverterConfiguration..ctor()
  at MemoQ.DocConverters.MSPowerPoint.MSPowerPointConverterConfiguration..ctor()
  at MemoQ.DocConverters.MSPowerPoint.MSPowerPointConverter.GetDefaultConfigurati
on(String primaryFileName, String[] additionalFileNames)
  at MemoQ.DocConverterConfiguration.ImportConfigRepository..ctor(IList`1
  at MemoQ.DocConverterConfiguration.ImportOptionsDataGridView..ctor()
  at MemoQ.Project.TranslationDocImportExport.ImportOptionsDataGridViewWithLangua
  at MemoQ.Project.TranslationDocImportExport.DocImportOptionsForm..ctor()
  at MemoQ.Project.TranslationDocImportExport.ProjectImportControllerBase.Prepare
(Form ownerForm)
  at MemoQ.Project.ProjectDocument.ImportDocument(Form owner)
  at MemoQ.Project.TranslationProjectSettingsControl.handleImportDocument()

If this happens, just uninstall both versions of memoQ, delete everything under C:\Program Files (x86)\Kilgray or C:\Program Files\Kilgray, and reinstall the applications. This way you delete the conflicting files manually, and resolve the issue.

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