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Error: User session is not valid or has expired
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 29 October 2012 04:20 PM

Context: Even though you have upgraded from memoQ 5 to memoQ 6 you still use memoQ 5 for certain projects. Unfortunately whenever you try to open a project in memoQ 5 you are confronted with a message stating:

"User session is not valid or has expired."

Description: This may happen because your memoQ 5 client is attempting to connect to a memoQ 6 server (or vice-versa) and the two versions are incompatible. This is what causes the error.



There are two kinds of fixes you can try to solve this. Please try those in the recommended order:

1 - Unpinning existing resources

Please try the following:

- Open the Resource console, and look through each category.

- If you see pinned remote resources ( a pin icon on the left, and a cloud icon to the right of the resource's name), unpin them all by clicking once on the pin icon

2 - Deleting the preferences.xml file

You can find your preferences.xml file here:

Window XP users:

C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\Application Data\memoQ

Windows Vista/7/8 users:

Once you have found the file, make a copy of it, then delete it. 

Please note that the file preferences.xml does not only include the names of the memoQ server(s) but also the following:

- color options

- recent projects

- certain path settings

Be aware that deleting the file may delete some settings - however, no actual translation resources are deleted.

Comment: You may need to enable the visibility of hidden folders. You can do so in the Control Panel under Folder options / View.

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