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Error: Unresolved conflict in document, not synchronized
Posted by Péter Botta on 26 October 2012 09:51 AM


In an online project with desktop documents, several people are working on the same document simultaneously. Unfortunately when attempting to synchronize (or updating) their work they get the following error message:

The operation has been completed with some warnings.

Followed by:

Unresolved conflict in document, not synchronized

As a result the synchronization does not take place thus the work of one, or several of the people working on these files seems to have gone to waste.


What has happened here is that, because several people are modifying the document at the same time, several versions of the same segment(s) exist. As a result the server cannot choose which of these versions is the best or most legitimate.

Imagine translator A and B check out a document at the same time (or at least the same version of the document). They both bring changes to the existing segment X, then synchronize their work. If translator A's work is uploaded first, then translator B will not have been working with the most recent version when he uploads his changes. The server will detect this and ask for a human decision as to which of these versions of segment X is the best.

How to:

In order to solve these conflicts you should:

Go to the “Operations” menu and open the “Review changes and conflicts...” tab.

From there you can go through the identified conflicting segments and make the adequate modification or confirmations.

Once it is done you should Refresh the list to see if there are any new modifications.

From now on synchronization should work fine, if latter on you are confronted with the same message, go back to the “Review changes and conflicts...” tab and start over.


Once the document has been synchronized, and especially if the changes were extensive, we recommend that you ask all translators to check out the project again to make sure they are all working with the latest version of the file.

For further information as to how the “Review changes and conflicts...” tab works please refer to the help article available here.

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