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Posted by Péter Botta on 11 October 2012 11:01 AM

Title:  What does your yearly support & maintenance contract entitle you to?


A free yearly support & maintenance contract is automatically granted to you with your purchase of a memoQ license.

What does this contract entitle you to?

• up to 4 hours of support (non-bug related, our mistakes are on us)

• free access to all updates and upgrades to any newer version that might be released during that period

- Support -

You may contact Kilgray's support team, preferably through support@kilgray.com to ask for advice or guidance, or help you with any issue related to memoQ. Most support cases will be processed by email, but sometimes, you may get remote support using screen sharing and voice chat (particularly in "urgent" cases).

- Updates & upgrades -

An update is a "minor version", sometimes also called "revision" or "build". It is always indicated by a different 3rd number in the full version number.
For example, for memoQ 6.0.59, the "major version" is 6.0 and the build number is 59.

You are always entitled to updates to a version you legally own, even if your support & maintenance contract has expired and you chose not to renew (please note that in such an event, you would not be entitled to support).

An upgrade is a "version jump" or a "major version" change.
For example, an upgrade from memoQ 5.0 to 6.0, or from 6.0 to 6.2.

If active, your support & maintenance contract will allow you to freely upgrade any version of memoQ you might own.

- What does happen after a year? -

Once your support & maintenance contract expires (a year after each new purchase), you have two options:

• You choose to renew your support & maintenance contract for another year. This will cost you 20% of the list price of the memoQ product you own at that time and will extend support & maintenance for a year.

You choose not to renew:

   - You are still entitled to support, but only related to bugs in the software

   - You are entitled to updates to the last version of memoQ you owned while still covered by the support & maintenance contract.

      For example, someone who own a memoQ 5.0 license is entitled to all memoQ 5.0.xx updates, but nothing more.

- What if I want to upgrade to a newer version of memoQ and I'm not covered by a support & maintenance contract? -

You will need to pay for the "missing" support & maintenance period between your currently owned version and the new version you want.

For example, people who didn't renew an expired support & maintenance contract after memoQ 5 will only be entitled to upgrade to memoQ 6 by paying the "missing" yearly fee (20% of list price).

Please note that in such a case, the "new" contract will be considered as starting from the older expired original date, and not the date of purchase.

So the rule of thumb is "if your support & maintenance contract is active, you are entitled to upgrades". If not, you'll have to "reactivate" it.

A free yearly support & maintenance contract is of memoQ translator pro upgrade and maintenance package is included with your purchase of a memoQ license.

This means that for one year you may benefit of up to 4 hours of support (non-bug related, our mistakes are on us) and it also covers all updates and upgrades to any newer version that might be released during that period.
You do not need the upgrade and maintenance package for minor updates (v6.0

Each subsequent package begins from whenever your previous package ended. This means that if your package ended on the 1st of January 2011, then no matter when you purchase the next package it will begin on the 2nd of January 2011 and end a year latter.

This implies that users for whom their package ended in Fall of 2010 will need to buy two years of upgrade and maintenance in order to benefit from the memoQ 6 upgrade that came out in the Summer of 2012.

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