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Configuring TM, context matching and multiple translations
Posted by Péter Botta on 11 October 2012 10:53 AM

Title: Updating TMs, replacing previous entries, context matching and allow multiple translations.


When updating a TM you realize that at times the new translation replaces the previous one whereas at others both translations remain side by side.


You are about to create a TM and notice the two check-boxes “context matching” and “allow multiple translations”. You wonder what the implications of these options are.


When creating a TM context matching (CM) is enabled as default and implies that whenever you add a new translation to the TM the context is taken into account. This means that two identical translations can be added to the TM if their context do not match (100% vs 101%).

Allow multiple translations, as its name suggests, means that each and every translation entered into the TM will be added independently. This means that you will have the choice of several possible translations in the translation panel latter on.

Can I enable or disable one of these features in an existing TM? No, once a TM is created you can no longer configure it, there is a work around tough.

How to:

In order to enable or disable one of these features in a TM without losing the content of an existing TM which doesn't suit your needs can:

  • Export your TM to a TMX.

  • Create a new TM configured with the correct settings.

  • Import the TMX into the new TM.

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