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Accessing a memoQ server 5 with my memoQ 6 client (impossible)
Posted by Péter Botta on 11 October 2012 09:55 AM

Title: I cannot access a memoQ server 5 with my memoQ 6 client.

Context: You are working with the memoQ 6 client but receive a job on an online memoQ 5 server. You realize that there is no backward compatibility between memoQ 5 and 6.

Description: The major change between the two versions is that memoQ 6 went through a re-factoring of its core code, as a result it is faster and more effective, the drawback is that compatibility with it's previous version is physically impossible.

Fix: There are no plans on making backward compatibility available between version 5 and 6, it might happen for future versions. In the meantime you can install both version on your computer. memoQ is quite a “light” software, meaning it takes little space on your hard drive and shouldn't slow down your computer. You can also be able to activate memoQ 5 with the same serial as the one you are using for memoQ 6.

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