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Disabling or configuring predictive typing in memoQ
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 11 October 2012 08:57 AM

Title: How do I enable/disable or configure the predictive typing in memoQ?

ContextWhen you type in the target cell of the translation editor, memoQ predicts your typing and suggests how to complete the word. Suggestions can come from different sources, always beginning with the prefix you have typed. The suggestions cannot be seen when a space is hit, however, when typing is continued, the suggestions reappear, even multi-word ones. The suggestions come from the following sources in the following order:

1.       non-translatables

2.       auto-translatables

3.       term base hits

4.       LSC (TM fragment) hits

5.       terminology plugin hits

6.       Muse hits

To enable predictive typing, go to the Translation ribbon tab, then click the Translation Settings button (or the Translation menu if you use an earlier memoQ version than memoQ 2014 R2), and select Predictive Typing. Click the Enable predictive typing check box. When you now translate, memoQ will suggest you words from several sources (term bases, non-translatables, auto-translatables). The list with suggestions opens automatically after you have typed in a few characters. You can then choose the word from the list being displayed. Close the list by pressing Esc, or simply ignore the list. You can navigate the list by using the Up/Down arrows on your keyboard. Insert the selected item by pressing Enter.

Note: If you have assigned a Muse to the project, memoQ will also suggest hits from the Muse. A Muse can be trained with translation memories and LiveDocs corpora. You can then choose the subsegment suggestions from the list of suggestions in predictive typing.

Note: Hits from Muses are always at the end of the list of predictive typing suggestions.

In the Predictive typing and AutoPick dialog, you can configure and fine tune your predictive typing settings

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