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Freeing disk space on memoQ server
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 11 October 2012 08:55 AM

Title: Freeing disk space on memoQ server

Context: Your server is running out of disk space and you would like to liberate some space by removing or deleting old projects.

How to: In case of online projects the most disk space is used by the memoQ server database files (MemoQServer.mdf and MemoQServer_log.ldf) and the folder that contains the online projects (you can find out which folder this is by logging in the memoQ server and going to Configuration and logging and see the "Online project files" path). First you should check how much disk space are used by these resources. If the disk space used is very significant then it's a good idea to move these resources (database files and project folders) to a drive where plenty of disk space is available. The following steps should be done on the memoQ server computer when you are moving these resources:

- Close memoQ
- Stop the memoQ server service
- Detach the MemoQServer database from the database instance (this can be done quite simply through MS SQL Server Management Studio)
- Move (cut and paste) the two database files to the new location
- Attach it to the database instance
- Create a new folder for the online projects on the new location (at this point this is an empty folder)
- Start the memoQ server service and modify the online project files path to the new folder and the memoQ server should copy the current online project folders to the new folder after you clicked on the Save button

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