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General error: lack of memory
Posted by Péter Botta on 11 October 2012 08:46 AM

Title: General error related to lack of memory.

Context: You are using memoQ, likely on a large project and suddenly memoQ freeze and crashes. A general error message stating “Exception of type System.Out.Of.Memory.Exception was thrown” appears.

Description: The message indicates a lack of RAM from your computer.

Fix: Please reproduce the same steps that lead to the error and track your memory usage in the task manager. If the memory is used up entirely by memoQ, and you are using either memo5 or an early memoQ6 build, your best chance to stop these errors is to upgrade to the latest memoQ build. Since the more recent versions are 64bit compatible you will be able to dedicate over 4GB of RAM to the memoQ application.

If the problem does not seem related to hardware limitations please backup your troublesome project (Dashboard → Backup selected) and send it to support with the exact steps that lead to the error.

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