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Installing memoQ on my second computer
Posted by P├ęter Botta on 11 October 2012 07:18 AM

Title: Installing memoQ on my second computer.

Context: With the purchase of a memoQ license you are entitled to installing the same license on two separate computers. Unfortunately when you enter the serial key you've used on your first installation of the software it does not work.

Description: Serial keys, once activated, are bound to the machine they are used upon. Notice that your serial ends with the digits: 001. You need to use a different set of final digits in order to install your license on a second computer.

Fix: When activating your license on your second computer replace the last three digits by 002 (any digits are possible but we recommend using these for simplicity sake). Once you have activated it on your second machine you will no longer be able to activate this license on any other computer (no matter which last digits you use). This is why if you reformat or replace one of your computers you must get in contact with Kilgray support so that they may enable an extra activation for your license.

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