ELM license lost after a few days of inactivity
Posted by Viktor Mochnács on 26 February 2019 05:46 PM
Description: You acquired an ELM license but after a few days of inactivity and not connecting to the vendor's server, the license seems to be lost.

Cause of the issue:
  • When you use an ELM license, your memoQ client contacts the server in every 4 days to check the validity of the said license.
  • If the license is not revoked or expired, it gets validated for 4 more days.
  • However, if for some reason, the client is unable to contact the memoQ server (connection issues or just being offline), the ELM license will be returned.
How to solve it: In this case, please check your network connection, and try to acquire the ELM license again. If the issue still remains, please contact the memoQ server administrator or the project manager.
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