Empty project list on the memoQ dashboard
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You open memoQ and the project list on the dashboard is empty. A rare issue, which usually happens after a sudden crash \ freeze of the software, a forced computer shutdown \ restart. 

This means that the project registry got corrupted and it was re-created by memoQ. However, the project files are still present on the computer. 

Recovering your projects

In order to re-populate the project list, please do the following steps: 

- Go to the "My memoQ projects" folder and make sure that the project files are there. By default, you can locate it in the "Documents" directory or at the custom path that you set for your project files. 

- Open up memoQ and click on the blue memoQ button in the top left corner (this should take you to the "My memoQ" page)

- Select Open Project, and press the Open Project button. 

- Navigate to the My memoQ projects directory and open up the folder of the project that you wish to add the list. 

- Select the project.mprx file inside it and press Open. 

- This will add the project to the dashboard's list. 

You will have to do this with each and every project that you wish to restore. 

How to avoid this issue? 

Make sure that you completely close memoQ before you restart or shut down your computer. 

Applies to:

All versions of memoQ. 

Useful links: 

My memoQ page Help article:
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