Timeout error when trying to populate the group list of the selected domain
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Title: Timeout error when trying to populate the group list of the selected domain in the Add a new single sign-on sync group dialog in the Server administrator


In the Windows single sign-on category of the Server administrator, you can select Active Directory groups to be synchronized in memoQ server. In the Add single sign-on sync group dialog, select a domain. After selecting a domain, the group list is populated. This can fail with a timeout error or may take a long time for a large Active Directory.


How to:    

Add the single sign-on sync group manually to the database.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your SQL Server instance.
  2.  List the AccountOrigin table and find your domain. You can find the domain based on the Description field that contains the name of your domain. Remember the AccountOriginID of the record.
  3. Note: The record for your domain gets saved in this table when you enable Single Sign On in using your current Active Directory, e.g. the Enable single sign-on and Use Active Directory through the current domain checkboxes are checked, and the settings are saved.
  4.  Insert a new record into the Group table that represents your Active Directory group which you would like to synchronize. The values of the fields in the new record:

SID: generate a new Guid

Name: the name of the AD group

Descripton: NULL

Disabled: False

ServerProjectGuid: NULL

IsBuiltIn: false

WinSID: the objectSid property of the AD group

LanguagePairs: NULL

Deleted: false

AccountOriginId: foreign key for your domain in the AccountOrigin table. Use the AccontOriginID of the previous step.

OriginType: 1

IsSubVendor: false


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