Automatic backup for memoQ server data
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Title: Automatic backup for memoQ server data


Schedule an automatic backup of your memoQ server data, and execute the backup automatically. The Deployment Tool enables you to create a backup of the memoQ server. 

How to:    

  1. Open the Deployment Tool.
  2. Click the Advanced link in the Deployment Tool. The Schedule memoQ server backup dialog appears.
  3. Click the Schedule regular backup of memoQ server radio button to set up automatic backup. If you chose the Backup memoQ server manually, then the automatic backup is disabled, and you need to do the backup manually.



  • Whether to schedule regular backups or not,
  • When to create the backup (time: daily, weekly, monthly),
  • Where to create the backup (backup location),
  • Whether to overwrite the last backup, or to add a date to the backup file,
  • The user in who's name the backup task is done,
  • To receive e-mail notifications about the backups.

Note: When you set up e-mail notifications, you can click the Configure e-mail SMTP settings… link. If you click this link, the memoQ server e-mail configuration dialog appears. You can edit the settings; however, it will also change the memoQ server e-mail settings.

After you specified the settings for the automatic backup, the backup task will run in the name of the user. This user must have access to the program files folder, the memoQ server data and the Appdata folders, and the SQL server. This user needs to have the permission to create a data base backup and must have writing rights to the backup target directory.

Note: You can only run the Deployment Tool with administrator rights. The scheduled backup needs an administrator account. The user account is verified to be an administrator account, and is then granted permission for all files and folders to be accessed for the backup task. If the user has no administrative rights for executing the automatic backup task, the backup will fail.

While the backup is executed, the memoQ server is stopped. memoQ server is automatically stopped by the backup task, and also automatically restarted again when the backup has finished.

After a successful backup, you find a single backup file in the target directory.

Note: While the backup is executed, an instance of the Deployment Tool is running, which can only run in a single instance. If another user tries to open the Deployment Tool while the backup is running, he is notified that a backup is running and that he currently cannot open the Deployment Tool.

The following events are logged in the Windows system event log:

  • A backup has completed successfully (error)
  • A backup has failed (information)
  • E-mail notification sending failure (warning)
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