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Using the Multilingual filter for terminology translation
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 26 March 2018 11:41 AM

Title: Using the Multilingual filter for terminology translation


Some customers may send you Excel files which are like a glossary: the file contains English as source and several other languages in different rows. Not every English source term has a translation in all languages. There are empty cells, or empty rows.

Sometimes it can also occur that you have a multilingual term base, and not every entry has a translation in every language. Here, the Multilingual delimited text filter may come in handy when you do not want to insert translations in the term base (you may not even speak all the languages that the term base contains). 

How to:   

1. You can export your term base in CSV format. To do so, click the Export to CSV command link in your memoQ project, or go to the Resource console > Term bases, and then select your term base, then click the Export to CSV command link.

2. Use the memoQ CSV term base format to import as multilingual delimited text file into memoQ. Create a new project. When it comes to adding the documents, choose Import with options..., then navigate to your exported CSV term base file. memoQ now automatically suggests the Multilingual delimited text filter.

Click the Change filter and configuration link. Now specify which languages and which rows you would like to import. Further information on how to configure this filter can be found in the memoQ Help:

This Multilingual filter also allows you to specify the meaning of each column. You can decide what is the source language, what is the context and which column is for translation.

3. Import according to your settings. This way you can get all missing entries for a target language translated, and when you export the translated file, you do not need to manually copy / paste columns in Excel. You simply export the translation in the right place.

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