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Title: I cannot submit a job to Omniscien Technologies


You have set up your Omniscien Technologies account in memoQ. You have pressed the Test connection link and the test succeeded. However, you cannot submit a job to Omniscien Technologies. This might be caused of the project number is set to 0 in the AsiaOnlineConfig.xml file. The file can be found under (it is a hidden folder and if you have not set your Windows Explorer settings to show hidden folders, you need to do this first):

C:\ProgramData\MemoQ Server\AsiaOnlineConfig.xml

Open this file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad++), replace the project number 0 with 1. Save the file. And try again to submit a job to Asia Online.

For each job in Omniscien Technologies, a project number for your Omniscien Technologies account is generated in this XML configuration file. If, for whatever reasons, your first job in Omniscien Technologies has the project number 0, you need to manually change the AsiaOnlineConfig.xml file and set the project number to 1.

Omniscien Technologies uses these project numbers to identify a specific project folder on their end.

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