Confirming segments in different memoQ user roles
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Title: Confirming segments in different memoQ user roles in online projects


When you confirm a segment, its status becomes Confirmed or Proofread.
The Confirmed status is indicated by a single green tick mark, and it means that a user assigned in the Translator or the Reviewer 1 role confirmed the segment.

If you receive a document (a project) in the Translator or Reviewer 1 role, the segments you confirm will become Confirmed.
If you receive a project in the Reviewer 2 role, the segments you confirm automatically become Proofread.

After you finished translating or reviewing, you need to deliver or return the document. Click the Deliver/return link. If you are assigned in a Reviewer 1 role, you can return the document to the translator, the previous actor:

Then the document is returned to e.g. the translator in the project. He can now edit the document again and also confirm the segments again.

If the Reviewer 2 returns the document to the previous actor, the Reviewer 1, he cannot edit the segments. If the project manager or the Reviewer 2, before returning the document to the previous actor, changes the segment status from Proofread to Edited in the document, the Reviewer 1 can edit the segments again.

If you are a project manager and wish to re-assign translators and change the workflow role, please read the memoQ Help topic Re-assign translators and change workflow status.

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