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Corrupt *.mprx file
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 05 February 2019 04:28 PM

Title: Corrupt *.mprx file

Description: External causes such as crashes or antivirus programs can damage the *.mprx file in your project's folder.

How to:   

1. Create a new project with the same language combination as the original project was.

2. Attach a TM to the new project.

3. Close memoQ.

4. Copy the Documents folder, and the DocumentData.sdf file from the old project's folder into the new project's folder, overwriting the current files.

5. Open memoQ.

6. Open the project - DO NOT open the document for translation.

7. Select the document(s) and from the Operations menu, run Confirm and update rows.

Now you have a translation memory which you can use to pre-translate the original document after reimporting them.

As an alternative method, you can try the following: 

1. Right click on the document and export it as a bilingual (.mqxlz) file. 

2. Import said bilingual file into a new project and continue working 

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