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How do I change my QA settings
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 26 March 2018 03:59 PM

Title: How do I change my QA settings

Description: Sometimes you may want to run a specific QA such as a consistency check in your document or your project. For this, you can configure memoQ's Quality Assurance settings.  

memoQ's quality assurance settings perform over 25 different types of checks. For certain projects, certain checks can be crucial, others may not be important. In a scientific project, number checks and the right terminology are key. In an article, you would like to have the spelling 6 as 'six', or not using the exact phrase every time a term appears.

How you can change QA settings:

1. Open your memoQ project, go to Settings in Project home. Click the 3rd icon, which is the one for QA settings. There is always the Default QA settings attached to your project, if you have not created your own QA settings. If you want to edit the Default settings, you need to clone it. To do so, select the Default setting and click the Clone link. Enter a name for your QA settings.

2. After you created or selected the QA settings you want to use, click the Edit link below the QA settings list. The Edit QA settings dialogs appears, it has several tabs. Each tab allows you to configure several checks: segments and terminology, consistency, numbers, punctuation, spaces, capitals, characters and Inline tags, spell and grammar checking. 

3. Change the settings according to what you want to check, e.g. a specific number format, or a certain segment lenght or forbidden terminology.

Note: Please consult the memoQ Help for a detailed description for each tab.

4. Assign the QA settings you want to use to the project in clicking the check box next to its name.

5. On the Review ribbon tab, choose Run QA to run the QA with the settings you selected. memoQ now lists you all errors and warnings in a separate tab after finishing the QA check.

Using the memoQ segment filter to check for errors and warnings:

Sometimes you might want to perform a specific check for e.g. Tags. Missing Tags or wrongly placed Tags may cause memoQ not being able to export the translated document. Usually, the QA check lists all Tag errors. Tag errors can appear when you join a segment and you forget to insert the Tag that appears.

If you experience an export problem, filter your document for Error and Unsupressed Warnings. To do so, click the funnel icon above the translation grid, the Specify segment status dialog appears. In the 2nd tab, Status, check the Error and Unsupressed warning check boxes. Click OK. Now you get a filtered view of all segments that contain errors and warnings to resolve them.

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