Installing Systran MT plugin in memoQ
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How to use the Systran MT plugin in memoQ 8.3?


This guide is meant for users that already have a Systran account, server, user accounts as yell as potentially pre-configured profiles. For inquiries as to how to acquire or configure these please refer to Systan’s sales ( or support ( team.

Also worth mentioning is that Systran happens to belong to the consortium of MT companies that operates, meaning that using will not only grant you access to Systran’s MT engine but several others as well. The Systran MT plugin is for users that use the Systran Enterprise and SME solutions

Getting started with Systran MT plugin in memoQ 8.3:

Step 1: Open memoQ > Resources > Resource Console > MT settings and right click on the Machine Translation setting. 

Step 2: Select the Systran MT plugin at the bottom of the list and click on its Configure Plugin butto

Step 3: Enter your server URL in the following format (the URL may be local):


Step 4: Enter your username and password

Step 5: Click on the Check login and retrieve information link. If an error message is displayed, you are either not connected to the internet (or the check was blocked by your system) or your login details are not correct.

Step 6: You may now select a profile if you have one to choose from.

Step 7: Click on OK and enable the plugin by ticking the corresponding checkbox in the Machine translation section.

Step 8: If you have followed the previous steps correctly, you should now begin receiving hits whilst translating.  


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