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TM/TB user permissions in online projects
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 26 March 2018 06:09 PM

Title: TM/TB user permissions in online projects

Description:   This KB article explains the TM/TB user permissions in online projects. If you are a user in an online project the TM is attached to as the primary (working) TM, you can update it (add new entries by confirming segments), even if you only have Lookup permissions for the TM, or no explicit permission at all. This is also called an implicit permission. Also for TBs, you implicitly get Update permission for all online term bases that are attached to the online project you are added to as a user, and Review permission if you are added as a Terminologist.

How to:   

  1. Create an online project. Add your TMs to your project, TM A as your primary TM, TM B as your reference TM.
  2. Go to the Resource Console > Translation Memories. Right-click the TMs, and choose Set permissions from the context menu.
  3. Change the Translator group permission to Lookup. This way, the translator can get hits from the TM, but cannot add new entries.
  4. The translator now checks out the project, starts to translate. He can confirm segments and these segments are saved to the TM. But he does not see these TMs in the Resource Console listed.
  5. As long as the translator is working on that project with TM A and B assigned to it, he gets the Update permission for the primary TM and Lookup permission for the reference TM. This is because of the project permission, and this is intended behavior.

Read on in the User rights and permissions guide.

Check the Help on: Working and master TM

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