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Adding a new inline tag
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 27 March 2018 12:03 PM

Title: Adding a new inline tag

Description:   There might be the rare occasion to add an inline tag to your target segment. Usually, you would copy the tags from the source segment to the target segment. However, one scenario could be to insert formatting tags to your target segment. 

How to:   

1. Open your translation project in memoQ.

2. Go to the segment where you want to insert an inline tag.

3. Click the New inline tag icon in the toolbar (Edit ribbon tab: Tag commands > Insert New Inline Tag). The Inline tag dialog appears:

4. In our case here, we add bold formatting to the target segment. Put the cursor before the word of where you want to insert the formatting. In our case, before "RSS feeds". Choose the tag from the Inline tag name drop-down list. In our case, "b" for bold formatting was selected. Indicate the Inline tag type: Open, Close or Empty. In our case, bold formatting needs an open and a closing tab. Choose Open, then click OK.

5. Move the cursor in your target segment after the word where the formatting should stop; in our case, after the word "feeds". Click the New inline tag icon again. Choose "b" again from the Inline tag name drop-down list. Now choose the Close option to insert the closing tag. Click OK.

Note: The QA check returns a warning for this segment that you entered an additional tag. If instead of a warning an error is indicated, you cannot insert this tag. It will cause the document to not export or to export with errors.

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