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Alignment "the traditional way" vs. LiveAlign
Posted by Peter Reynolds, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 27 March 2018 03:48 PM

Title: Alignment "the traditional way" vs. LiveAlign


Alignment is a way to reuse previous translations. It means that the original document and its translation are both segmented into translation units, and then the corresponding translation units are matched using statistical and linguistic algorithms. Being a complex process, it may take several minutes, depending on the length of the aligned documents. Although memoQ's automatic alignment is quite exact, human revision is necessary for good results.

The alignment pairs can be imported on the LiveDocs pane of Project home, by clicking Add alignment pairs.

You can align several documents as batch process. When you finished the alignment, you have 2 options on how to proceed:

1st option: You have time to look through each alignment manually and confirm the links. Then you can create a TM and use the TM in your projects. You can also use the alignment in a LiveDocs corpus.

2nd option: You have no time to look through each alignment and to verify the correctness of it. Use LiveAlign instead. LiveAlign document pairs are immediately used for matching after import. You can edit the document pair by clicking View/Edit or by right-clicking on a LiveAlign match in the Translation results pane.

LiveAlign shifts the alignment process into the translation process and enables you to get results even if you don't do manual alignment. With LiveAlign you can immediately reuse the correctly aligned segments in your translation, and if the alignment is not correct, you can fix it on the fly: In the translation editor, right-click the alignment result in the Translations result pane, and choose the Select document option. The alignment document will be opened and you can fix a misalignment. memoQ will then re-align, on the fly. This way your LiveAlign document pairs will become better and better, and you don't spend time aligning segments you will not use again. 

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