Changing the language of the notification mails sent by the memoQ server
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Title: Changing the language of the notification mails sent by the memoQ server

Context: The memoQ server sends English notification e-mails to translators, project managers, etc. by default. You may have a different communication language in your organisation, and want to communicate in that language.

Description: There is no menu in the memoQ server to change the default language of the notification mails sent to the translators and project managers during an online project.

To set this up, do the following:

1. Log on to the server computer through Remote Desktop. Use a name and password with administrator access.

2. Open the C:\ProgramData\memoQserver\EMailTemplates\Defaults folder in File Explorer. It contains all available language versions of the e-mail templates:

3. Rename EMailTexts.mqm to EMailTexts.orig.mqm

Do NOT rename this file to EMailTexts.en.mqm because memoQ server will keep using it, and your changes will not be effective.

4. Select the template file for the language you need, and rename it to EMailTexts.mqm.

At the time of writing, the newest version of memoQ server supports the following languages:

Language code Language name
de German 
en English 
fr  French 
hu  Hungarian 
ja Japanese 
pl  Polish 
pt  Portuguese (Brazil) 
ru  Russian 
zh-Hans  Chinese 


5. Rename or copy the file you selected to EMailTexts.mqm.

At this point, make sure none of the files in this folder are called EMailTexts.en.mqm.

6. Restart the memoQ server. After the restart, e-mail notifications are sent out in the language you need.

To check this: start a project manager copy of memoQ; connect to the server; open Server Administrator, and go to the Configuration and Logging category; click the E-mail templates tab; click Edit next to the title of an e-mail template.

To restore e-mail templates to the English language: rename EMailTexts.orig.mqm to EMailTexts.mqm (if you previously renamed the original file this way).

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