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File sharing violation on opening project
Posted by Márton Horváth, Last modified by Viktor Mochnács on 26 July 2018 01:47 PM


While opening one of the projects that you were working recently, you receive an error message stating that there is a "File sharing violation". Upon further investigating the issue, you discover the following line in the error message:


In order to read the entire error message, please click on the "More" button on the error warning window. 

What to do:

In almost all cases, SQLCe errors mean that some of your memoQ related files are stored in a shared location. Please do not store projects, or resources in a dropbox folder, network share, or other such solutions, as these will cause a file sharing violation.

Applies to: 

All memoQ versions


The solution is to move the related files to a hard drive, which is not shared in any way.

To move projects:

Please close memoQ and delete the following file:


Please note that the appdata is a hidden folder, so you might have to turn on the visibility of hidden folders and system files.

This will make memoQ "forget" the location of your projects. Now you can move your project folders to a new folder on a local, unshared drive, and use the memoq>open project option to open and register these projects again from the new location.

To move resources:

Open the resource console, and click on the blue pin in front of the names of the resources. Press OK on the popup. This will unregister your resources.
Once this is done, you can move the folders of these resources to a regular, non-shared drive, then use the "register local" option in the resource console to register them from the new location.

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